Bronze Information

Individual Records

For every one of your ancestors we find we'll supply an individual record sheet, that will provide the following information:

bulletBirth Details - date, place, parents, informant, parents occupation (if any)
bulletMarriage Details (if married) - date, place, ages, parents details, witnesses
bulletDeath Details (if deceased) - date, place, cause of death, parents' details, informant

Click here to view a sample Record


In addition we will construct a chart showing summarised details of and relationships between all of your ancestors that we discovered.  Click here to view a sample chart.

Silver Information

Individual Census Records

In addition to the information provided with the Bronze Service, we we will provide you with an individual census record for each ancestor we have found in the 1881, 1891 and 1901 Censuses.

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Gold Information

In this case the individual Census Records will include information gleaned from the 1841, 1851, 1861 and 1871 Censuses, where appropriate.

In addition we will provide charts displaying all the indirect lines we have been able to find.