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Our speciality is tracing your Scottish ancestry, but we know that many of our customers' interest extends beyond that.  Scottish life and history is a subject that has fascinated not just Scots and people of Scottish descent, but also people from all around the world.  The Battle of Bannockburn and Robert the Bruce are famed the world over and the popularity of films like Braveheart and Rob Roy have heightened awareness of the rugged nature of Scottish history and have prompted people to learn more.  Covering even the highlights of our history is too big a job for this site, but we plan to provide you with links to historical web sites that will provide everything you might want to learn.  We also give you the opportunity to browse through books covering all aspects of Scottish life and history.

Many of you will be interested in the Clan you belong to and the tartan associated with your name.  why not whet your appetite by visiting our Clans and Tartans pages.  There we will provide brief details of your clan and its tartan, but we also provide links to other sites specialising in this subject.

    Some of you might want to learn more about the methods used in tracing ancestry and compiling family trees.  Again we provide links to a number of specialist sites and highlight books on the subject.

You might also want something tangible associated with Scotland - a kilt, a map of Scotland or the particular locality from which your family hails, Scottish music etc - we provide links to suppliers of Scottish goods and services.

We hope you will find these of some interest and use.  

Scottish Books


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    Clans and Tartans


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Scottish Music

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Scottish Goods and Services

Your one stop Scottish product store.  Some of the lowest prices on the internet.



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