About YourScottishRoots

We are a relatively new, but energetic family concern, who all know the excitement of getting to know our ancestors better.  We got into this business as a result of our endeavours in tracing our own ancestors.  This has been a labour of love that we have undertaken over a number of years.  The amount of information we have amassed about our direct and indirect lines is huge and we know from our experience that there is a wealth of data just waiting to be found.

At the same time we have increasingly undertaken successful searches for various acquaintances in our spare time.  So we decided that we should offer our experience to those who want to know about their Scottish roots but just don't have the time or the opportunity to do it themselves.

We love the challenge provided by Genealogy and get a thrill every time we root out some previously difficult to find information.  No two families are the same and there is something new waiting to be found every day.  We look forward to unearthing your family's secrets.


Brian McKay